First ever workout that included a Tonka toy

Well into the winter months, morning after morning deciding how many layers to put on, it’s a bit weird to switch to summer mode … IN FEBRUARY!  It’s also a little weird when Rev shows up to the workout with his kettlebell (that’s good) and a large Tonka toy dump truck (I’m not sure that’s good in any way).

No matter, the show … I mean, the workout must go on.

Warmup with standard Core issue: SSH, IW, squats, MC.

Partner up.  Alternate KB exercises on the list.  Partner not doing the exercise planks.

20 swings, 10 presses each arm, 10 goblet squats, 30 SSH’s, 10 lawnmowers each arm, 10 figure eight lunges, 10 louganis, 30 SSH’s, 10 hammer curls, 10 squat rows, 10 tricep press 30 SSH’s.

Rinse and repeat the list three times.

3-4 sets of 5 squat thrust rows while all finish.  Enough time for one round of polish twist and KB plankjacks.

Old school playlist: Barenaked Ladies, Blue Oyster Cult, The Cars, Deep Purple, Don Hensley, Foo Fighters, INXS, John Mellancamp, REO Speedwagon, Spin Doctors, Steve Miller.

COT: Rev with the takeout.

KB’s and lots of planking.  Not creative but hopefully everyone liked the playlist.

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