Lots to Cover

28 rolled in to the #ALS AO on a warmish winter morning ready to get to work. Here’s what we did:

COP in the Temple (SSH, IW, Copperhead Squats, Sharon Towers, hammy stretch)
Run down to the Selwyn Speedway for BLIMPS:
5 burpees at first light post,
Lungewalk to next light post
10 IW
Run to next, 15 merkins
Run to next, 20 plankjacks
Run to last, 25 squats

Mary at the end of the road (LBCs, H2H, Rosalita, Oblique L/R, FreddyM)

BLIMPS back up the speedway, starting with 10 burpees and going up from there.

Run to side of Selwyn
People’s chair
Air presses
BTTW hip slaps
People’s chair
Air punches

Head back to Harper Valley for 11s. Jump squats in the parking lot, merkins in the temple.
3 dips every time you pass the benches. #timesucker

Finish in the temple for some brief Mary (Dolly, Peter Parker, Rosalita, Parker Peter)
Mosey back to the start for 5 burpees

Pretty solid effort by everyone today. No one was late, although Kiefer didn’t post at all due to a “late night at the office”. Guess that’s what the kids call it these days.

Wacky preblast included the word cover since I planned the playlist around cover tunes and also knew we would cover a bit of ground. (Sorry Money!) Still kept it under 2 miles and all in one spot at least.

Always a great group out here and the best way to start the day.

Today’s Playlist (all covers):
Sympathy for the Devil-Guns N Roses
Turn the Page-Metallica
Just Like Heaven-Dinosaur Jr.
Comfortably Numb-Hot Action Cop
Losing My Religion-Lacuna Coil
Time After Time-Quiet Drive
Higher Ground-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Just What I Needed-Eric Church
Free Fallin’-The Almost
Go Your Own Way-Art of Dying
Paint it Black-VersaEmerge

Billingsville at 4 every Tuesday

Prayers for Money as he begins treatment. We are with you and expect to see you running at Core again soon!

The second F3 Peru trip leaves this Friday with Pigskin and My Sharona in tow, ready to do some excellent work in the world.

Tesla with the takeout.

Always a pleasure. Have a great week,

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