Combine: Work a bit more hard to get a little less far

Who recalls the early days of Combine with Ben Franklin? Everyone buying new kettle-balls out of Nibbler’s trunk. Trying to figure out how to do a proper swing (still a problem sometimes) and did you say snatch? Hitman complained about the sprints. Doc(k)’s hamstrings were sore. The Hornets were still the BobJohnsonCats and the Latta grinder was pretty much a broken asphalt prison yard. Unofficial F3 history lesson complete.

Fast forward a few years and the Latta pax is older, way more good looking, but certainly no wiser. Just the right amount of complaining balanced with all out effort. Cougar and KC top the list when it comes to chatter (no shortage of advice/entertainment). At the other end of the spectrum you’ve got TML and Topham (not a peep out of either one but crushing it). Somewhere in the middle is Ice-9. He’s not exactly full of chatter but you can hear the effort. Still sounds a lot like he’s on the verge of the dry heaves. Got to say I’ve been missing it – good to see you again.

Was anyone at this workout under 40? Of course not. With Narc moving on the average age jumped about 10 years. Do we miss the younger kids who are jogging around with the 8at8 folks or maybe running around at Sparta or something? Not one bit. Combine is doing just fine. They can join us when they grow up enough to really work out.

Today’s workout:

Warm up – SSH/KB swings/SSH/KB goblet squats/SSH/swings again (maybe?)

Partner up:

Partner 1: Both KBs – step ups on the bench.

Partner 2: Makhtar/mountain climbers/merkins/peter parker/POWER mountain climbers

Circle Up:

KB Figure 8s. KB overhead lunges. KB circle overhead press. KB Up/Downs.

Partner Up:

Partner 1: Run basketball court suicides

Partner 2: KB Swings, KB Snatches, KB Squats (repeat a couple of these)


Circle Up:

5 rounds of 2 minute drill: 5 burpees, 10 KB snatches (5R/5L), 15 mountain climbers (1-1 count), 20 KB swings


Themes of the day:

Focus on form (always a Cougar favorite). This goes for everything. KBs are outstanding (but good way to get hurt if done improperly).

Hold on to your KB. Fig leaf style. Want a KB workout to hurt. Don’t put the bell down between exercises. Just hanging on to that thing for a long period of time gets the forearms a good workout. Anything to increase the effort.

Chimbote group 1 is home. Chimbote group 2 heading out. Outstanding example of F3 men leading and supporting one another in communities everywhere.

Kickin Chicken reminds you – 4:30PM on Tuesday. Billingsville Elementary. Make a difference in someone’s life.

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