Homing Pigeon

Our boy Paula tried to gut out the Q but siteQ Bene called him off in the name of public health.  13 hour Q notice was plenty of time to make something up.  My tweet chased away all but 8 pax and we rolled out…

The Thang:

Mosey to the jungleless gym for half pax Pullups AYG while other half plank.  Flapjack and repeat twice… mosey out the portal, past the fountain, down Cameron Valley Pkwy (with some backwards run) to Fairview.  Plank, sideplank for the six.  **Disclaimer here** Mosey right on Fairview to left on Ashley Park Lane aka Whole Foods alley to the Rusty Bucket corner.

Partner 1 mosey to SBUX and back, partner 2 to Whole Foods and back.  Reunite for 10 partner hand slap merkins.  Rinse, repeat x 3.  Mosey to the parking deck and Indian Run up ~6 levels.  Circle up at the tip-top under the stars.  Choose your own merkins around the circle- stagger left, stagger right, classic merkins, CarolinaDryDocks, Diamonds, WideArms, Chuck Norris, and one i forgot.  10-20 reps each (more 10s than 20s) with semi-recovers sprinkled in.  On your six for LookAtTheStars:  ~10 count OYO and as a group.

Mosey down the stairs to sea level, out to right on Fairview to left on Cameron Valley.  Extended ChuckWoolery’s down Cameron Valley:  2 burpees at every third street light.  Back thru the portal to… the jungleless gym.  repeat the opener: Pullups AYG x2 each partner.  Fin.


YHC led the pax to Ashley Park as it’s temporarily home for the next 4-6 months.  Light traffic at 0600… Nice view on top of the parking deck.  T-claps to Becky, who originated LookAtTheStars, at The Valley.  We saw some extraterrestrial activity in the clouds too.  Tac-tac-doe looking thing up there…  Remember to smell the roses too, boys… Team Chalet and Doh rabbitted today… Chippendale got to see a nice menu of merkins.  Good to have some new blood at Casbah… I am secretly stalking Pothole and found him thrice this week… no pullups at DMZ monday equals doubletime friday… Classic ChuckWoolery’s are 2 burpees for every 2 stop lights/streets/driveways.  It’s an ode to the 80s gameshow host that reminded the audience that the show would return from commercials in “2 and 2″… Good nudge by Bene to hit the parking deck.  Those always suck.

Announcements: mark your calendars for sometime next year for F3 Ski Trip.  Chalet went this year to Alta and some other place that doesnt take Snowbird, where his snowboarder kind was allowed.  He guarantees 10 inches of fresh powder per day next year.

Prayer requests for the Hager family, Flynn family, Paula, and all those sick.

Thanks to Bene for keeping Casbah rolling and offering the Q.

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