Inspirational day at Attila

Driving in, turned the corner, and there was Money, already in the parking lot ready to go.  Amazing.  As Rev said the other day: cancer is dumb as sh.. to pick a fight with Money.

With that inspiration, 25 pax took off for today’s edition of Attila.

Mosey to Mid town park for warmo – SSH, IW and MC.

Mosey down greenway to short walls.  Decline plankorama, then on to Dresslers.

5 burpees, 5 step ups, 4 burpees, 4 step ups… 1 burpee, 1 step up.

Mosey to Target circle on greenway. 10 slow merkins, 5 slow squats, hold the last squat and do 10 air presses in cadence.  Rinse and repeat with double wide merkins, diamonds, right leg scorpion and left leg scorpion.

Mosey up stairs to Target 2nd level.  Circle up. Dolly, 5 burpees, rosalita, 5 burpees, dieing cockroach, 5 burpees, heels to heaven.

Mosey up one level to Target rails.  5 overhand incline rows, 5 underhand, 5 closed grip overhands, 5 closed grip under hands.  Set of Russian twist.  RxR two more times.

Mosey up to top of Target deck.  Suicides: run two parking sections, backward run one section, to other end.  Four trips with round of PC and 10 donkey kicks at each end.

Mosey back home.

COT:  Tesla with the takeout.

Welcome Nomad, FNG.  Hope to see you again soon, and often.

Prayers to My Sharona and Pigskin as they head to Chimbote today.

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