Channel Your Inner Metronome

Warm up: SSH, IW, Sharon Towers, Squats and Mountain Climbers

It was the VQ of YHC so color commentary was anticipated but YHC was surprised at how quickly the PAX noticed that YHC has limited rhythm, coordination and balance. Motley shouted encouragement early by suggesting that YHC “channel his inner metronome”.


Next, we moseyed to the deck and partnered up.

Partner 1 takes both kettlebells and farmer carries; ultimate goal is the top of the parking deck.

Partner 2 does 10 merkins and then catches up.

We reached the top and then Kieffer arrived so YHC finally had a partner.


At the top, we kept the partners:

Partner 1 runs to the bottom of the stairs, over to the other stairs, up the stairs and returns while Partner 2 does 10 hammer curls, 10 goblet squats and 10 triceps, rinses and repeats until partner 1 returns. When partner 1 returns, partner 2 runs and partner 1 works the bells. Repeat 3 times. Hoe Down reminded YHC that there is no running at CORE.

Next, we returned to the bottom of the deck with farmer carries and merkins.

At the bottom of the deck, YHC turned over the Q to DRM, as planned. Previously, DRM had wisely counseled YHC that a co-Q would be best for the VQ of a one hour beatdown on Saturday and he graciously offered to serve as co-Q.

As we transitioned the Q, Rocketman led the PAX in an unnamed jumpathon but it reminded many of the PAX of a Richard Simmons exercise.

DRM then had us do a series of Sit Thrus.

We moseyed to the soccer field where DRM had us do the following:

BLIMPS/Suicides-Burpees, Lunges, IW, Merkins, Plankjacks and Squats

We then moseyed to the parking lot for plank-o-rama, rosalita’s and dollies.


We received an update on Rev Florida, Money and Hoe Down’s son. All three are in our prayers.

YHC then told the PAX that he was grateful for their support and friendship during his first 60 plus days in F3. YHC’s first F3 post was after Thanksgiving 2018. Since that time YHC has lost 20 pounds but more importantly, the grace shown to YHC by the PAX has inspired YHC to re-examine his life and to take steps to improve and heal. YHC’s M and 2.0s have noticed a positive difference in the happiness of YHC since he started F3. It is an honor and privilege to have the reins for part of the workout and be a part of F3.

YHC with the take out.


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