Honoring Poli by having our buts whipped

Most workouts we do are planned. Planned by manly men—the kind that inspire brawny paper towel commercials, or encourage pick pockets to change their way of life with a glance, or perhaps even catch vipers bare handed. But every now and then, we manly men must yield to a greater cause. And so it was that the manliest of manlys did yield, and were better off for it.


We did ½ the standard. Not because we were being substandard, but because we didn’t want to be late for the BIGSHINDIG.

Commencing the ½ standard, we moseyed to the cull de sac in front of Santiago’s house, also near the home where Poli lived until she departed this planet about 2 years ago.   Upon arrival, we took our instructions from Zillow. And this is where we manly men got our asses handed to us. Somehow, we thought that as this was a remembrance, an honorary event, we would be doing something easy. Yes, I might as well say it, we figured as the women were in charge, we could handle this.

Boy were we wrong. It was only 12 exercises 1 minute intervals, but Zillow chose the hard stuff.


Which in thinking about honoring Poli, was exactly what Zillow was supposed to do. Poli never took the easy way, so why would she be honored by something mamby pamby? The lady was so good at electrical work, a contractor tried to make her a sub. She broke down the door of the “good ol’ boys club” in Raleigh while a senator—rumor has it she was put Tom Tillis in his place with a leopard spotted pump. She knew the bible so well, the pope called her for answers. And she did the toughest thing of all.

She loved. With reckless abandon, she loved. Her husband, her kids, her church, her community… she loved without asking anything in return. The hardest thing any human ever has to do is to love without expectation or recognition. And she did it in a fashion that made all of us want to be Ruth like.


We moseyed back to PUMC after Zillow whipped us. We did some more stuff like bear crawls and mak tar jye and hen ended with some Mary. But the big thing we did was we remembered, and we will keep remembering.

God is Good.   Ruth is good. Let’s all go do some good in honor of her.

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