FryDaddy Guest Q

Light mist so the rain held off.


Warm ups –  SS Hops, IW, Mt. Climbers, Stretches.


Lap around parking lot. Guys were super excited to see the concrete 1/2 blocks.  Left them up at Westminster for you to use in the future.


Divide into 2 teams-  Switch when runners return. Team 1 stayed at flag pole and did first exercise until team 2 returned from running to stop sign and doing their exercise.


Runners always did the same exercise for that series of concrete.  So about 60 Merkins, SSHops, and 15 Burpees as we ran out of time.  Total 2 miles or running for everyone.


Concrete Runners to stop sign at end of parking lot

Curls to Waist                              15 Merkins

Curls Waist to Chest

Over Head Presses

Curls Knees to Chest


Brick Squats                                  10 x 4 count SS Hops

Forward Alternating lunges

Alternating rev. lunges

Alternating side lunges


Lawn Mowers                                 5 Burpees


Triceps Ext.


Finished out with The Police Roxanne Pushups.  Sparty was really excited.  He also complained that most of my music was performed by cover bands.  Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Police, Sheryl Crow (it’s her bday today), Alien Ant Farm.

Take out by Stat.  No announcements




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