SIB: So Caught Up in Drama

Eight was enough for SIB this morning.

I don’t have the total but apparently kind of JV distance today. What we did:

Warm up over to the other side of Selwyn (where the hills are).

Hill loops between Chelsea and Selwyn: Up Tranquil, jog to Hillside, Down Hillside, jog to Ridgewood, Up Ridgewood. Jog back over to Tranquil and repeat (ups/downs reverse each loop). Do this several times then regroup.

Other hills: Wales up and recover down. Chelsea/Dellwood – then recover down Wales. Repeat a few times.

Jog back to AG.


I’m kind of busy this morning. So will keep it brief. Cindy still not satisfied. Lee crushed everyone (mostly). Belly Itcher looking strong late on Wales but he may not have known we had another rep or two. Farmer Ted is just toying with us – I think he’s way faster than he lets on. Thin Slice doing his best golden retriever impression – he aims to please – just the right amount of enthusiasm. I need his attitude. Checkpoint is the best spokesman that Ensure ever had (and my hero – yes I have a huge crush on him). Oh and that Federalist guy – someone had to be the 6 today. As they say, he was not last – he just ran out of time.

Warning/Public Service Announcement: Cindy has the Q on 2/19 (I am out of town – not Qing another workout this time).




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