You Got Me!

So I pulled up to the AO and Money was there and LaLanne pulled up.  We shared some Vaudevillian/Henny Youngman humor.

Money (to LaLanne and me):  You know who has the Q?

Sparty: You got me.

LaLanne: That makes three of us.

Sparty: No. You got me.

Great ALS PAX as usual this morning for some Sparty led pain.


COP with the usual kind of stuff…to the Temple to find FIA already hunkered down there…audible to the AG front porch for some plank walks; perfect squats and stuff then to Fulsom for 4 rounds of:

1. Step ups on 1 wall

2. Bearcrawl the ramp

3 . Broadjump the walkway (unless you decided to bunnyhop)

4.  Funky Dips


Down to the Selwyn drive for three rounds of Derkins and Donkey Kicks.

Up to Selwyn for some dry space for a little mary

To the bars for three rounds of Outboards, Inboards, and PushUp +

To the Temple for some burpees, one leg squats and COT.


Shatner on the takeout

Rev on the Music

Thanks to Foo for the keys this morning.  The Q self smoked on this one.

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