Sweet 6 Preblast? Yes. Reverse it, add strides (see below for instructions).

Reverse Route

From Christ Episcopal

Be back by 6:15am

  • 8+ pace & the Muthahsip crew (2x up gets 7.25 miles and an “I Crushed Ya Mutha” patch), launch 5:15 am
  • 7:30 – 8 pace, launch 5:20 am
  • 7:30 or better, launch 5:25 am

Last mile (starting at Starbucks) do 20 seconds on (not a sprint), 40 seconds off x 6.  These are called strides.  Benefits include;

  • stretch the legs up after a steady, easy run
  • encourage fast twitch muscle gain – incorporate speed work without taxing your legs
  • opportunity to work on mechanics for race day – easy to focus on form for 20 seconds
  • getting into the habit/gaining comfort with a kick at the end of a race
  • the feeling that you’re faster than you actually are
  • sweet calf muscle tone
  • hair* rocking in the wind
  • the chance that someone you know that is going into work early sees you and then asks later “hey, was that you running down providence at 6am this morning” and you replying “fk yeah bro, did you see how fast I was running, it was easy, do it all the time, what’s your best 5k?”
  • the chance to look really fast as you pull into the lot (to those that were faster than you and beat you back)

*gnats gliding off your sweaty dome for those that sport the no hair/no maintenance look

-bllz, 1/2 of the 2019 EZ Duz It Donut Fun Run Championship Team of bllgis

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