kinda like pancreatitis

Last week, my schedule got interrupted by a bout of pancreatitis. As I was struggling to explain to the pax how awful the pain was, the idea occurred to me to replicate the pain in a workout, thus increasing the level of compassion for the pax. You see, I’m always looking to help the other guy. It’s who I am.

So, at Meltdown, we gathered and I inflicted a dose of pain as close to the attack I had last week. I expected the pax to be thankful for the lesson, and found myself disappointed. Here’s how the disappointment occurred:

First the standard. Because even in the midst of extreme pain, standards must be adhered to.

Next: The Hair burner Stack. Yes it is exactly like it sounds. A stack of KB exercises featuring up right rows, reverse grip lawnmowers, hammer curls, goblet squats, and side lunges (back and forth= 1 to make it even more delightful). In between each set, push your plate ½ way across the parking lot and back.

After this, we needed some type of a break but not really a rest, so we did lean back sit ups on the benches (the kind where you hook your toes and …well, lean back) and LBC’s. 3 rounds of 15.

Return to the parking lot for heavy carries. Pax circle up and whoever is walking the circumference of the parking area picks a KB exercise while the walker carries 2 45 lb. plates. The ruckers got back and yhc thought that meant we were out of time. Turns out we had 4 minutes left so we did more Mary.

NMM: it wasn’t as bad as the incident that hospitalized me, but only due to the absence of vomit. If we had vomited, I would have called even steven.

Hey where was everybody? 5 is kinda low for meltdown. Ya’ll better get your shit together.


Keep Money in your prayers. Work hard and show up. Give. Be grateful. Pray.

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