Love You Long Time

12 Spartans got after it this morning.

Run South on McDonald to Bike Shop for COP, SSH and Merkins (20).

Up Park to Salem Dr and down to the Loop on Idlewood Circle. Partner up and run the loop in opposite directions. 5 jump over burpees at the top and 10 HandSlap Merkins and 20 Partner Situps at the bottom. x3 loops

Run out to Lilac and over to P-Dexter. Run to Butterfly park stopping at each intersections for Merkins and Squats, starting with 10 and increasing by 5 each time (25 each on last stop).
Into the park for Pull ups and Merkin 7’s….ran out of time otherwise this would have been 11’s with Pullup and Burpees….

Over to the pavilion for 11’s dip and derkins…then AYG back to base with some backwards run mixed in. COT

YHC was a human snot machine today, sorry about your shoes Curly. #Allergiesalready
Curly back up front after a few weeks off to recover but needs a new pair of shoes…actually just the left foot.
Slice was just a tease all day….jogging at the front or completely dusting the pax
Nabisco was on Slice’s heels all day
Doobie climaxed too soon on the first Idlewood loop…
Skyline got a new shirt…LONG SLEEVE…hell must have frozen over
Eli looking thin and running fast today, F3 effect!
Loud mouth was ironically quiet today
Shredder farts when he plays the piano and other musical instruments
Mr Bo can’t be stopped….not even by an IT Band flare up
Marilyn – someone change the time on his watch to run 3 minutes fast…once again he hops out of his car as we take off.
In&Out – youngest of the group (23 yr old) but sounded the wisest with his Prayer to take us out, nice work brother.

I needed this one today, thanks to Doobie and Slice for the Q.

-Redd Foxx

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