The Man Maker

Come on out tomorrow morning and enjoy this awfulness.

  • Mosey straight into the park and buzz past the owl bars.
  • Hang a right on Cumberland and stop at the intersection of Cumberland and Clayton.
  • Head up Clayton to where Clayton turns into Floral.  5 HR merkins at Cumberland and Clayton intersection, 5 HR merkins at Clayton and Lockhart, and 10 burpees at Floral.
  • Head back down Clayton and to the owl bars.  10 pull ups and 20 dips.
  • Head up the Lurker with 5 HR merkins at each speed hump, and 10 burpees at the top.
  • Head down MegaTool and into the playground at Princeton for 10 pull ups and 20 dips.
  • Back up MegaTool with 5 HR merkins outside of the playground gate and 5 at the speed hump.  10 burpees at the top.
  • Back down the Lurker and back to the owl bars for 10 pull ups and 20 dips.
  • That completes one round

2 rounds of this should use most of the allotted time.


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