Blame It On the Roids

Got the 4 a.m. text from Steroid this morning asking if I could substi-Q for him.  He woke up under the weather in the middle of the night and had to bail.  He did have a dandy of a circuit planned out, so you can’t blame me for this hellishness.  Plus, with Steroid not in attendance, I would not be forced to chase him the entire time.(#bonus)

Here’s what we did.

  • Quick mosey into the park and straight to the owl bars for further instructions.
  • 10 pull ups at the owl bars
  • Run to the bottom of the Lurker for 10 merkins
  • Run to the top of the Lurker for 10 sumo jump squats
  • Run to the bottom of Mega Tool for 10 merkins.
  • Run to the entrance to the baseball field parking lot on Princeton for 10 sumo jump squats
  • Run back to the bottom of Mega Tool for 10 merkins
  • Run to top of Mega Tool for 10 sumo jump squats
  • Run to the bottom of the Lurker for 10 merkins
  • Run back to the owl bars
  • That’s one sucktastic lap!
  • The goal was 3 laps

Random Stuff:

Any circuit that combines the Lurker and Mega Tool is going to be brutal.  This one was no different.  When the PAX found out that Steroid couldn’t make it this morning, I think some may have had a false sense of relief.  Then I let them know that he had passed along the planned circuit.  A few requested that I do an audible, but I couldn’t do that to Steroid.  He had the will to text it to me at 4:07 a.m. while battling cold sweats and a fever, so I had to stick with the plan.  I think most of the group completed 3 rounds, although a handful appeared to stop after 2 rounds and proceed with uncalled mary at the owl bars.(#DQ’d)  Mr. Bo was pushing hard this morning and caught me pretty quickly.  He was complaining that the Tuna Melt, Babymaker, and PBR from Thomas Street the night before wasn’t sitting well with him.  It didn’t appear to be slowing him down much to me.  He and I got in 3.5 laps and just made it back to the lot by 6:15.  Good to see RW, Superman, and Frogger at WIB this morning.  We expect to see you more often going forward.

April 6th is the first Youth F3 workout at the Stratford YMCA on West Blvd. from 11-12.  Try to arrive at 10:45.  We are looking for PAX to support the new workout that will initially consist of a 30 minute boot camp followed by 30 minutes of pizza and fellowship.  We already have interest from some of the young men participating in the LevelUp program.  The workout is for young men ages 13-18.  Here’s the signup information.

Thanks to Frogger for the takeout and reminding us to appreciate all of our blessings, as our time here is not guaranteed.

Thanks for the keys CT.

Always an honor.


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