What WOULDN’T Sweeper Play?

While I was prepared for it, I was still saddened when the news came in. I signed up to Q hinking that I would get a celebrity/substitute Q. Hoping to get someone that wasn’t an ALS regular just to be different. Sweeper agreed, but with the caveat that he might have to bail if the client kept him out late. I sent Sweeper a text at 0500 to see his status and he responded with total jibberish. I drove by his house, and he was asleep on his front porch wearing nothing but a “I’m with Stupid” t shirt and sporting a new tattoo that appears to be an album cover from Kraftwerk. So, he wasn’t going to make it. In his defense, Kraftwerk was a life changing band.

Pax were ready to roll and we launched at EXACTLY 530. First we did the standard—because whether Sweeper did Jaeger bombs or not, we still have to have standards.

Mosey to first lamp post on Selwyn entrance. Do one burpee and then run to the end of the drive, adding a burpee at every lamppost. LBC’s while you wait on the 6 . Repeato 6 times. And not just any kind of burpees—you probably saw that coming…..

Maktar Jye Burpees

J-Lo Burpees

Mountain Climber Burpees

Peter Parker Burpees

Rock Hopper Burpees

Plank Jack Burpees

Mosey to upper parking lot for partner 11’s—partner derkins and partner throw downs.

Mosey to the railings for negatives—planned for 2 rounds but spent after one.

Finish with 3 minutes of Mary.

NMM: I always wanted to try this on the burpees. It sucked, but it was different. So we will do it again, but not for awhile. The partner work was exactly what I exected—grueling. What I didn’t expect was how much my partner earthmover dripped sweat on me. I felt like I was getting baptized. I kept seeing that scene in my head where Michael Corleone is at his nephews baptism and he is refuting Satan while the water gets dribbled on the baby’s head. Meanwhile, he is killing all of his competitors. I hoped earth mover wasn’t having anyone whacked while we worked out, but I guess he has to do what he has to do.

Now …the playlist had an epic moment. Epic in that Starland Vocal Band is not ever played at a workout. And, it has never, in the history of mankind, been sandwiched between Led Zepplin’s “Black Dog” and Blue Oyster Cult’s “ The Reaper”. So history was made.


Announcements: Valdez will publicly humiliate you if you don’t q at MIP.   Guys weekend with all 3rd F’s 6.21 weekend at Pepper’s house.

playlist is here–make sure to download it for historical perspective only.

Thanks for being there this morning. Can’t imagine starting my day without you men.

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