Fellowship Friday for a Strong Group

Great Fri morning for the Pax.  This was an ALL STAR group, with legendary #him’s coming out.  This was like that Heisman Football commercial you see on TV, with Cougar on the couch, Carrier making some biscuits in the kitchen, and Black Jack doing his best <insert Tenn football Heisman winner>.  Pillager would be like the newest member on the block, like a Baker Mayfield.  Certainly some ballers noticeably absent, but these were like second place vote types – the Peyton Manning and Vince Young types.  Close but just not good enough.  Come on Coach, where you at?


Here is what we did:

Jog around the circle twice for a warm up.  Allow Wahoo to pull up and casually get out of the truck, and come meet us.  He didn’t seem in a rush.

Jog to other side of Trinity for COP (This was the original location for almost all Black Widow COPs so it brings back memories).


Standard stuff, here it was:

  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Plank Jacks
  • Merkins
  • Flutters
  • LBCs

Jog up Providence and head to the bottom of St. Gabs lot by the basketball ct.  Stop there and do a burn down of merkins and plank jacks.  You do them in cadence 10 and 10, then 8 and 8, and 6 and 6 and . . . you get the picture.  You don’t go to your knees (unless you wimp out) so it burns your shoulders.  I think I felt the pax enjoying it too much so we cut it off around 4 and 4.

Wave to FIA who works out at St. Gabs on Fri.  We don’t disappoint.  You need to be social.  Gun show display on our side.

Stop at bottom of St. Gabs hill and partner up.

Do set of the below:

  • Partner 1 runs to the top
  • Partner 2 does squats and merkins
  • Do 2x Sets
  • Stop for Mary


Do another set of:

  • Partner 1 runs Backwards to the top of hill
  • Partner 2 does lunges and flutters
  • Do 3x sets
  • Stop for Mary
  • We may have run a one or two more hills, I sort of based it on how the Pax looked.



  • Run to top of hill, and stop for a tiny bit of mary to let everyone catch up.
  • Run through Poppy’s Parking lot to rails on Providence in front of Eddie’s Place.
  • Do burn down of Derkins and Dips, 15, 10, 5.
  • Run to alley between Eddie’s and do Peoples Chair, with rotation of 1 leg up for 10 count.
  • Do series of Donkey Kicks (3x) to end the wall time.
  • Run back to AO at steady pace.


Naked moleskin:

I think we covered 2.4 – 2.5 miles.  I had no intention of covering many.  My good knee is now my bad knee so I’m in a bad position and really can’t cover many miles.  The backward run was specific to help strengthen the legs and knees.  I need to advertise this more, it is a leg crusher.  I’m contemplating a full leg Q one time, and we’ll do 10x backward runs, some lungs, some bands around the legs and lateral movement, all the stuff to get your 40 yd time below 4.5 secs.

With regards to backward running, lots of complaining, but we did find out this is @F3Ribeye ‘s super power.  He walked everyone down.  If #Caffeine was a backward run, you need to place your bets on this guy.  He missed his calling as the physical roverback that can cover the slot or TE deep.

This was a great group today – Superman can run, Carrier is an ageless wonder, Pillager is fast, Pitino a pillar of consistency (believe he led Bastion the day prior), Robo a Fortress leader, Ables representing the Ramblin Wreck, Cuda was out strong today, Black Jack keeping the pace going, Wahoo dominating the upper body work, Cartman driving if all morning, Ribeye found his niche, Norwood getting it done out there, and Guapo showing that grit gets you right (I think he told me one time he had trouble walking – period).

Cougar with the takeout, leading with reflection to start it.


  • Robo’s brother needs your prayers.
  • 11am on Sat is Stratford Y – I’d really recommend doing it. I’ve only attended once, but was amazingly impressed how the young men on the West Side valued and looked up to our presence.
  • Fathers F3 is now in progress on Sat’s at Freedom Park.
  • Cuda had a callout for the summer start of fellowship Thurs at Brixx on Fairview – run a little and have a beer (or just some ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s). Not sure why I haven’t attended that one yet.   You can attend and do a light run with me.


Always an honor to lead this fine group of men.





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