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Despite last week’s unusually cooler temps, it has been getting warmer and warmer.  Today was the first truly unbearable morning in the gloom.  Already 74 degrees when YHC drove to Diamondhead.

While the first day of Summer isn’t officially until Friday, today proved that Summer is here and the time is right for swinging KB’s in the heat…

The Thang

Rack ’em and head to middle of football field

Drop your bells – run Hot Lap

Circle up
COT:  SSH/ IW/ Copperhead Squats/ Plank Jacks/ Hammer Curls/ Tri-cep Curls

Head to sideline
11’s: 2-Hand Swings – run to other sideline – Hand-release Merkins

Grab bells and head down to Selwyn Elem entrance road

Renegede Rows R/L, High Pulls R/L, Goblet Squats
15 reps of each exercise – run to 1st street light
10 reps of same exercises – run to 2nd light
5 reps of same exercises – run to 3rd light

Up to Folsom Prison
People’s Chair: 1 minute without KB, 1 minute with KB

Back to parking lot
Mary: Chest press/ Protractor with KB/ SSH


F3 Dads every Sat this summer, 9AM @ Freedom Park Train Lot

Continued prayers for Money & Robo Cop’s brother

Strong group this AM!  Titan was out in front all morning.  Cold Cuts not far behind. Hoe Down showing he’s a player.  Knew Hoe Down had gotten faster didn’t realize he was a KB beast as well.

We covered 2 miles – Titan warned YHC there may be a revolt.  Site Q Big Worm said it was the right distance so if you want to complain about the distance, take it up with Site Q Management.

YHC created an awesome playlist for this morning only to discover my blue tooth speaker no longer works.  This morning, Rev asked if I wanted tunes but I declined.  Too soon…

Cannoli said inappropriate things about Britney Spears but really, haven’t we all?

Tesla was well-behaved today which is always a good thing.  He delivered another strong take-out as well.  Cooter offered to translate for Tesla but admitted we probably wouldn’t understand him any better.

Thanks to Big Worm & Skoal Bandit for the opportunity to Q today.  Appreciate the Pax’s support and for no attempts at a mutiny because YHC didn’t let Rev play his tunes.  Hopefully next time, YHC will have a new blue tooth speaker and it won’t be so damn hot!



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