The 4 Sided ….(Rhymes With Wildo)

Another glorious morning at SIB HQ.  Perfect temperatures.  72 with 100% humidity.   With the teacher away again this week, the SIB crew got dirty over in Barclay Downs and the new green-way off of Tyvola.  How dirty? 4 sided wildo dirty.

Quick little mile warm-up over to the intersection of Scofield and Wintercrest Ln in BD.  4 different intervals from there going a different way each time.  I think the last one taking it from the back was the best.  From there, we hauled ass down Park, bang a right on Tyvola, and then another right onto the new green-way.  There is a nice hill up to the parking lot off the green-way that we did twice.  And then we ran home.  7.5 miles.

4 Reviews About the Wildo:

Nabisco/Larry Bird:  “I should have worn a shirt.  My nips were bleeding after the third side.”

Disney:  “Cockswald can only handle 2 sides.”

Fed:  “My boyfriend bailed after the first side.”

Blue:  “Can I borrow that thing for my Stretch Lab? ”




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