Casserole for the Tie

Tied the previous attendance record of 27.   Each Pax who showed-up is equally responsible for the feat.  But I’d like to give Casserole the credit since he was the last Pax to join the warm-up Circle and b/c I like the word Casserole.

Speaking of Casserole: reminds me of what we’re doing at Fortitude.  Taking a bunch of different “ingredients” and putting them in an AO, slow-cooking over Burpees and Merkins, and winding up 45 mins later with an integrated dish that smells yummy.  Okay too rosey: “winding up with an integrated dish that smells” is more accurate. The rest is true is as well.

The Thang:

Circle of Pain Warm-up:  20 SSH IC, 20 IW IC, 10 WM IC, 20 LSS IC

Mosey to Bball Court: Burpee Wave – form circle; everyone high-knees while each Pax does a burpee in consecutive order.

Mosey to parking lot in front of shelter; partner-up.  10 Derkins a piece; 10 Leg-Throws a piece.

Mosey to U-Haul:  20 dips IC; 20 step-ups IC; 10 Dips IC; 15 step-ups IC.

Mosey to ForbiddenRockPile: Grab a rock; form 2 lines; 3 sets of Curls for the Girls, Overhead Press, Skull Crushers (15,12,10 reps).

Mosey to PissTunnel a/k/a P-Bridge.  Hold People’s Chair while Air Curl (20 IC); and Overhead Press (20 IC).  Shake it out; Repeat with sets of 10.  Shake it out; Hold People’s Chair during 10 counts by 3 Pax.

Mosey back to parking lot in front of Shelter.  Hand-slap merkins (20).

Mosey back to basketball court for Mary.  LBCs 20 IC; Dolly 10 IC; Freddie Mercury 20 IC; Rosalita 10 IC.


SnL – open spots at this Friday’s (21st) Serve N Learn at Men’s Shelter (Tryon campus)  Serve lunch for 30 mins, followed by 30 min tour.   July and August dates are: July 9th, 19th; Aug. 13th, 16th.  Email Country at .

Breakfast Service: Last Monday.  F3 serves breakfast at Tryon campus at Monday of every month; good opportunity to serve, to fellowship, and to EH for Fortitude workout the next day.  This coming Monday June 24th is next.  Sign-up here:

Q workout:  We’re covered next 3 weeks but wide open after that.

Take-out: Guitar Hero.



LeadPipe got splashed by a passing car while doing the People’s Chair in the Piss Tunnel.   YHC assured LeadPipe that liquid on the sidewalk is of concern (see Tunnel name above). But liquid on the street is rainwater and is about as safe to drink as water from LeadPipe’s Hometown of Flint, Michigan.

HelpDesk is in IT; actually, he corrected the record to say that he is interested in IT, but doesn’t know IT.  Sounds like he’s the perfect candidate for a HelpDesk.

Spartacus wouldn’t tell us much.  But we already have a Silent Partner.   Gladiator is his favorite movie.

Hacker is in cybersecurity. It takes one to know one.

Casserole is a chef whose favorite dish is mac-and-cheese.   He wasn’t fond of Casserole.  But found Velveeta to be highly offensive.   Thus Casserole.  Happiness is relative.

Kobe likes basketball and we used up all our creativity on the preceding FNGs.

Great to have the crew from Barings out today.    Annual Breakfast Sponsors….lunch servers…now Fortitude Pax.   These Barings guys aren’t afraid to roll-up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.   See Piss Tunnel reference above.

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