So YHC shows up from across the river (that being the Great Catawba River where YHC resides on the west bank thereof) on a humid frankly near about oppressive morning to have a little fun with the pax in Metro. Now of course Metro is full of highly accomplished pax, many of whom one would assume can count to 5. Assume that, don’t know that. So off we went as such:



SSH X 20

2 burpees OYO

IW X 20

4 burpees

Copperhead Squats X 15

6 burpees

Mtn. Climbers X 20

8 burpees

LBCs X 20

10 burpees

Mosey over to the entrance road to the elementary school for a little work.

Setup: 5, 10, 15, 20 of each exercise. 5 at start, mosey to the next light pole, and increment by 5 until you get to 20. Mosey back to the start. This is all downhill then mosey back up hill to the start.

3 repeats.

Round 1: Jump squats

Round 2: merkins

Round 3: Big boy (aka WWII) situps

Mosey up to the AG football field where the REAL workout started! Got feedback like “don’t go on the track” (we didn’t). “the sprinklers are going, we could get wet” Yeah, and? It’s 70 plus and humid, I’m all about getting wet! Will you melt? Why DID you wear gloves? Is this a FIA workout? Did YHC come to the wrong AO?

Counted off in 2s for Bear Crawl slalom. Ditka led the 2s. I don’t know how. I took the 1s. Everybody got 2 “rolls”. Everybody got wet either from the sprinklers or the wet grass. That got us to the end of the field for a little celebratory work.

SSH X 10

5 Turkish get ups.


Mosey over to the bottom of the path for a Gastonia F3 special – Triple Nickel. Which means we will do 3 things 5 times.

Thing one at the bottom: Plank jacks X 5

Thing two: Run the hill

Thing three at the top: hand release merkins X 5

Repeat this 5 times.

Oh, the gate was closed which we had just navigated around a few minutes before. We dealt with it. Not an issue.

Got three repeats in and some body said “stay at the top?”. YHC said yes, after you are done. The pax stopped on 3. Which is not 5. So we all continued on as intended after YHC was able to explain again the meaning of Triple Nickel. It worked out! Sometimes these things happen and it is all about what we have to do to complete the mission. We got it done.

On the wall for people’s chair, airpresses (20X), air punches (20X) and balls to the wall. YHC called out “5” and Rev Flo Rida picked up on the countdown. He can count to 5.

Mosey back to COT for some stretching, nameorama, and another tradition from Gaston, a pledge!


Yuck morning of heat and humidity. We survived. Money, South Beach, Hollywood and Horse all got through looking great. And it was not easy. YHC does not make it that way. Nor did they have problems getting wet, counting to 5, or anything else. Pax was pretty gassed. Should have been. Wanted this to be a tough “Core” workout. No long runs. But some challenging upbeat runs and repeats including our bear crawl slalom. We all got better. Fun, fun. to lead this group. We’ll get that 5 “thang” down soon enough. More Triple Nickel where that came from.

Metro convergence on the 4th at Indy Park. 6;30 am. Special edition Yank in Belmont 6:30 am. We will read the Declaration there.




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