Dire Straits at Edgehill “Revenge of the Dumbocrats”

Another solid showing at WIB as 12 showed up for a heavy dose of miles and exercises around Edgehill Park.  This is what we did.

  • Make a left out of the lot on East and then left on Kings.  Head down Kings to Brunswick Ave, and up the hill to Edgehill Park. (Just under a mile)
  • Partner up at the playground.  (10 pullups each, 15 partner derkins each, 20 dips each)
  • Partners run around the park in opposite directions.  When you meet, do the following.  10 dumbocrats each and 20 partner situps each.
  • Complete the lap around the park and meet back at the playground.
  • Repeat until 6:06 or so, and head back home.  Hoping for 3-4 rounds.

A Few Random Things:

I decided to avoid Freedom Park this morning and get some partner work done elsewhere.   Fortunately, we had 12 this morning, including Crimestopper, who is proving to be a young stud.  WIB has not been for the faint of heart in recent months, since DIB decided it needed to resemble more of a Young Guns concept.  Obviously, Chair Thrower must have approved.  Seems like we have consistently been in the 4+ mile range for months now, with a few north of 5 thrown in there.  We had to continue with that plan this morning.  It has been a long time since I did any dumbocrats.  #SIMPLEBUTDREADFUL  How can a guy’s legs resting on your back, make a merkin that much harder?  Not sure, but it does.  Lots of groaning and complaining as those were being done today, me included.  Poor PBo got partnered up with Want Ad’s Calves this morning, and someone had Teaser Pony as a partner, so I shouldn’t complain (OOF!).  I don’t recall seeing PBo much recently, but he showed up late as usual and ended up finding us somehow.  Glad he did so that we had an even 12.  I think everyone completed at least 3 rounds at the park.  A few got in 4 full rounds and another set of the exercises at the playground before heading back.  I think everyone was well smoked, which was the point.

DIB gave us an update on the Waypoint event that was held this past Saturday on the West Side.  Sounds like it was a huge success with another event scheduled for early August.  I don’t know the specifics, but it was obvious that it had an impact on DIB.  Keep us posted on the next one.

I started to do the takeout, but Doobie was having none of that.  Strong takeout brother!

Thanks for the keys CT!

Always an honor.





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