The Iron Triangle Or Something Like That

Boy Scout had a good name for that Scott/Kenilworth/East Blvd triangle we ran today.  He said it with such authority, I assume it was written down somewhere.  Not quite Iron Triangle, but close to it.  It was unpleasant.  You get the idea.  Anyway, here’s what we did:

The Thang:

  • Mosey up East Blvd. to Mayobird parking lot to honor my fellow hourly wage workers
  • Mtn climbers IC x20
  • Parker Peters IC x15
    • PRO TIP:  Calling out Parker Peters, but doing Peter Parkers keeps the Pax on their toes; don’t acknowledge that you don’t remember which is which
    • SECOND PRO TIP:  Using “PRO TIP” ironically is a dangerous game…before you know it you’re using it unironically and then everyone loses
  • Mosey to bottom of hill where Scott and Kenilworth come together; partner up
    • Partner 1 runs up Scott; Partner 2 runs up Kenilworth
    • 5 merkins at each cross street
    • 10 partner derkins each at East Blvd
    • Run down opposite street with 5 merkins at each cross street
    • 10 partners derkins each at bottom of hill where Scott and Kenilworth come together
  • Repeato with 10 sumo jump squats at each cross street
  • Repeato with 5 burpees at each cross street
  • Backwards run up Scott/Kenilworth with 5 wide arms at each cross street; 10 partner derkins each at East Blvd.
  • Mosey back to gravel parking lot, which inadvertently turns into a sprint because we’re going downhill.  #wheelhouse (#PRO TIP:  using hashtags ironically is dangerous, too).

The Skine:

  • Foul Ball wears disposable clothes now.  Not sure if that’s a sign of affluence or poverty.  But, congrats?
  • Swiper’s second kid is due Friday.  You’ve already done it once–how hard could it be the second time around, right?  Right.
  • T-claps to the two guys who posted at their first F3 workout a week ago.  Glad you made it back for more WIB.  This bullet point would be better if I could remember both of your names.  Loophole and…
  • Sorry, Fish, please don’t kick me out of F3 for writing such a weak BB.

Thanks, Chairthrower.  I had a blast as always.

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