When it comes to Bastion, the Q better be ready to bring it.  You never know what to expect.  Could have 40 + Pax show up.  And its not just like random Pax that post to Bastion – its a bunch of Beasts that like to run in from all over because they expect a thorough beat-down.

With all that pressure, its no wonder YHC did not get a good night’s sleep last night.  Actually woke up in a panic thinking I had overslept only to discover it was just 2:30AM.

Anyways, YHC showed up early at St. Gabes wondering if anyone was going to show for EC.  Naturally, former Bastion Site-Q’s KY and Hollins posted for EC.  Somehow in the true darkness of the morning, Pitino was able to find us. Here’s what went down:

Run to Trinity Pres
Slow Boil Warm Up
Lunge walk up the right side of church’s new circular driveway/ Side Shuffle down the left side
Karaoke up the right and Backwards Run down the left
Run down right – stop for Merkins x 10 – run back
Rinse & repeat doing Squats and LBCs

To the far end of parking lot
Run to entrance – stopping at each speed hump for Merkins/ Squats/ LBCs

Mosey back to AO to pickup the rest of the Pax

The Thang

Run through St. Gabe’s parking lot, up the steps, out the side entrance, cross Sharon Lane to PUMC
COP:  SSH/ Copperhead Squats/ Flutter

Keep moving – across Providence up Ferncliff to base of Audubon

Up Audobon over to Chelmsford for…
Chelmsford Halfpipe
From middle of street, run back to Woodlark – Merkins x 12
Run down Chelmsford past starting point to the Treewall – Knee-ups x 2
Rinse and repeat dropping two Merkins while adding 2 Knee-ups each time

Over to private road between apartments and Cotswold Shopping Center
Run to Sharon Amity – stop for Squats x 10 at each speed bump

Down Sharon Amity – grab some wall near Boba Fett’s old home (memories)
Extended People’s Chair

Run across Sharon Amity to other side
Stop for Dips on rails in front of Leroy Fox parking lot

Onward to Providence/ Sharon Amity intersection
Squats while we waited for light to turn green so we could cross – which took forever

Head fake towards Providence Rd and keep heading down Sharon Lane to church entrance
Right on time for COT


No major F3 events immediately on the calendar.  However, there is a major topic worth mentioning: SAFETY

Earlier this week, Grapevine tweeted a screen shot of a post from the Next Door site.  In short, a woman said she was driving around 6AM on Tuesday near Freedom Park and saw a group of men doing crunches in the street.  Her point was that the street is not the best place to do exercises, especially when you are on your six.  Harder for drivers to see you.

Unlike noise complaints, this person is actually looking out for our best interest.  She’s not complaining about us blocking the road causing her to be late to work.  She’s letting us know we are not as safe as we think we are.  And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, only that we are alive and in one piece.

Not a lot of talking in COT.  Pitino said Roaring Riot is getting ready for upcoming Panther’s season.  Gave a long, back story about the origins of football and how it migrated to Charlotte before finally telling the Pax alcoholic drink tickets at their tailgate are cheap.  Prompted one Pax to say “you should have lead with that.”

Grizzly asked for prayers for a co-worker whose son died recently.  Keep the Himes family in your thoughts.

Grapevine with the take-out.  Strong words.

Very brief COT – just the way Coach likes it but he wasn’t there to appreciate it…

Main Event hit almost 3.8 miles (including EC, YHC hit 5 total).  Honestly, wasn’t expecting that.  But as you know, you got to bring it when you Q Bastion.  Planned to go from Randolph to Sharon Amity on the private road but made the call to start midway at Andover because we were running short on time.

While the current Site-Q’s are laid up at home, the OG’s were dominating all morning.  Even with EC, Hollins and KY were out in front of the 5:30 crew.

Amphibious from Greensboro was hanging with the OG Site-Q’s in the lead dog role as well.

YHC had an interesting convo with Dabo on the Chelmsford Halfpipe.  He and his namesake were in the same fraternity at Bama.  I asked him how Bama feels about the real Dabo leading Clemson to victories over them.  F3 Dabo said they were happy for him.  I pushed further and brought up the fact a lot of U of Florida fans turned on Spurrier when he started coaching the Gamecocks and beat the Gators.  F3 Dabo easily explained why the real Dabo’s situation is different: “Spurrier is a jerk.”  Very true…

Last fall during his BW Q, Want Ad introduced YHC to the Chelmsford Halfpipe.  Only Want Ad had us doing Hand Release Burpees on one end plus 5 Merkins every time we crossed the mid-point of the Halfpipe.

Oh yeah – the Word of the Day is “Treewall.”  That was the term YHC used to identify the spot on the Halfpipe for Knee-ups.  This is what happens when you are Oxygen-deprived early in your Q – you make up new words.  Film Fest wondered if Trump would have more success if he tried to build a Treewall.

Shout-out to the current Bastion Site-Q’s Boondoggle and El Guapo who are laid up on the IR.  Hope they get better and get this workout back under control before 4 miles becomes the norm each week.

As always, YHC appreciates the opportunity to Q Bastion as well as the Pax support this morning.

Remember: Be Safe/ Be Smart!  








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