Just like old times

They came from far and they came from wide,

Waxhaw, Matthews, and just off Moorningside.

Numbers had been down, morale sort of low,

But not today pal, we had Fishwrap in tow.

Thinslice the Italian and Cindy the jerk,

Even Swampfox sans burpees, being upfront-ish more of a perk.

It was like an old reunion, saw guys from way back,

Even Freeloader was lurking, shrugging off Cindy’s verbal attack.

We went to the park to get ourselves swole,

Via a crappy, unlit sidewalk to avoid yet another freakin’ construction hole.

Most did the routine, you know who you are,

The others just complained until they could run far.

Fine then lets go, for I know what you seek,

To Lizzy Lurker, that whore’ll bring the heat.

Suicides x 2 then a carry to boot,

Then back to the bottom for the last ballhoot.

All the way up, run till you puke.

Stop at the hospital, that hill ain’t no fluke.

Mary and plank and catch your freakin’ breath,

Then its back to the playground for more muscular depth.

I told you it was fun, I mentioned it grand,

But I had one more surprise, something I’d planned.

Take us out Rube, for you spoke not a word,

Not today, nor yesterday, nothing I’ve heard.

But the man prayed us out, sweaty dudes unite,

Even batflippers paused, taking in the sight.

Now chit-chat returns while heartrates do drop,

Been 7 years I’ve been here, don’t think I’ll stop.

Thanks for the reunion, and CMD the keys.

Glad I could oblige to make you run. Just as you pleased…


Until next time.

Your friend,


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