8/19/19 Big Hair Monday backblast

8 strong for a BRR friendly edition of Big Hair Monday. The thang:

Run into the park with a quick stop at the brick pile to pick up two bricks apiece. Continue on to the train lot for COP:

  • SSH x 30
  • Imperial walker x 20
  • Merkins x 10, hold it
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

Continue on into the park, and up the dark creepy path past the pavilion building to the base of the Lurker for the main event. Straight up to the top of the lurker with no stops while carrying your bricks. 10 burpees at the top, then back down to the base. LBCs OYO until everybody regroups. Rinse and repeat two more times.

Mosey to the backside of the pavilion. Partner up for merkin ladders: Partner A does one merkin, then partner B does one merkin, then 2 and 2, 3 and 3, all the way up to 10. Stop there. Crowd pleaser. Moan and groan while we walk 5 feet to the railings for a suppine pullup ladder. Same idea as the merkin ladder – partner A does one pullup, B does one, 2 and 2, all the way to 10. Also a crowd pleaser.

Regroup, mosey to be base of the stairs for 10 step ups on each leg. Mosey back to the brick pile, drop off our coupons and finish up with some Mary. Admire/curse an owl that flies overhead. Jail break back to the lot, with time left over for 30 seconds of F3 Stretch.


Strong crowd as usual at BHM. After the first run up the Lurker, YHC gave the pax the option to leave the bricks behind for the second and third runs. Nobody obliged. #Accelerating. Though several of us were happy to offer MMOB our bricks as he missed grabbing some at the start. But yeah, running up the lurker with bricks stinks. We don’t have any 10% grade hills in Charlotte to prep for the BRR, so we improvised today by at least adding some extra weight.

This was YHC’s first Q at BHM. It’s the first workout I ever attended at F3, so nice to finally round out that experience. Hopefully I brought at least half the pain that Swiper inflicted on us some 4.5 years earlier.

Big announcement a few days ago at BHM as Rube takes over as site Q. Stogie’s been a great steward the last couple years, and the pax owe him a big thank you. And as Stogie said this morning, let’s give Rube a warm welcome and fill up the Q signup. Already off to a strong start with Slaughter and MMOB on deck the next couple Mondays.



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