Copperhead Backblast 8-19-19

6 Pax embarked on a journey through the morning mist. Total mileage may have been outdone before, but rarely have so few carried so much. Laden with logs of hickory, black walnut and white oak the Pax ventured through the long grass soaking the clogs and drawing random complaints of wet socks. Once the group landed on familiar terrain (i.e. asphalt) they quickly formed circles and did Americans (the improper form of Mercans). The fun then turned its focus to wall sit burpees, where everyone watched in awe at Sausage’s speed. L10 then mimicked the rhythm to moderate satisfaction. The Pax then slogged forth and sledged a random poplar log until there was not much left. As time was flying through the fun, fortunately Sparty was keeping a watchful eye on the time and the Pax held a sprint toward home base.

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