McBadass Brings it to Diamondhead

So as YHC was pondering his next Q at the famed Diamondhead a message comes across Twitter about McBadass in the house tomorrow. Well, just a little extra motivation! How about it! So with that in mind a McBadass workout was planned and then executed in the humid Metro Gloom. It went like this:



SSH X 20

IW X 20

4X merkins X 10

Mtn Climbers X 20

Right foot right palm, left foot left palm.

Mosey over to the court for an elevator up.

1st floor: 5 burpees

2nd floor; 10 tricep extensions

3rd Floor: 15 KB squats

4th floor: 20 lawn mowers, 10 each side

5th floor: 25 KB swings

Game here is to do the first rep , run to the other side of the court then do 10 step ups, 5 each side. Plank for the 6 and repeat and add the next floor. So it’s 5 then 5 and 10, and you get the picture pretty quickly.

Time for a Gaston Tradition like no other for a little break in the action: Bear Crawl Slalom!  Count off by 2s. line up across the field between the sidelines and each pax gets two rolls through the course.

Far side: SSH X 10, 5 Turkish get ups, 10 Low slow Copperhead Squats.

Back to the other side: halfway, 5 hand release merkins, all the way, 5 more HRM. Mosey back to the court.

Partner up, DORA.

Partner 1, run to the top of the stairs and back.

Partner 2 – do the called work

Flapjack until the team number is met.

100X – Louganis

200X – Renegade Rows

300X – KB swings

Gets us done. Mosey to COT.


Humid, warm dog day morning. Everybody got pretty well gassed and it kind of was a bit of a beast! As requested and as intended. Labor Day Convergance being planned. Watch for news on that soon. New AO opening up at Salvation Army environs, Man in the Mirror. Rev and Charcoal running with that one. Watch for more on that too.

Great group to be out where with much less lead today. Look forward to next time!


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