This pax of six looked strong at Carmel Park.  So off we ran into the dark.

It was a long run to start as we ended up at Foxcroft East.  Fortunately the pax was running like a beast.
Unfortunately the tennis courts were closed. We went up on the benches and did dips because Chappy felt hosed.
Then we headed to Foxcroft Wine Bar to exercise with chairs in the parking lot.  After dropping the chairs off we left because it was getting hot.
Off we ran through the neighborhood doing lots of different foot work on the road.  At this point lots of running had been done so I lightened the load.
We finished with interval running and walking.  By this point there was very little talking!
The pax was great and sad that the Woodbridge guys no showed due to some upcoming race. We hope they do well and return one day to see our fast running pace!

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