I’m with Stupid

YHC made the mistake of saying Qing Horsey was easy.  On the heels of Fish’s “run around and attack the uphill… or the downhill… but attack it” workout… I mean, what does that mean?  At Horsey it’s all either up or down… was he saying to make sure you just run hard… gee, thanks Fish… I’ll do that.  So long as the Q doesn’t have to appear to be floating and running at a sub-7-minute mile pace, then I can Q this with the best of them… so here is how it went…

It wasn’t smooth. Some was due to poor communication by the Q.  Most was due to poor listening by the Pax.  The good news is, when in doubt “just run” is a good rule to work with and the Pax gets that.


Run to the loop.  Run up first big hill, turn right, up the next not as big hill.  Run down other side of bigger hill.  Turn around, back up the not so big side of the big hill, up the side hill thingy again, then back down and back to the flag pole. Then we did a figure 8, one way, then the other way, then ran the loop.  Until 6:08.


Beautiful morning.  The kind of morning you could just run forever… until you hit the first big hill then remember that no matter how you slice this damn thing, it sucks.

A couple of months ago, I was approached by a couple of members of the WTF3 BRR team to join them.  At that moment I told them I was 85% in.  That fluctuated to 90% and not until about a week ago did I move that to 95% in.  Still praying for that mysterious injury that makes me tell Christmas he has to replace me… and he will do it because that’s the type of guy he is.

F3 was out of my comfort zone.  5:30am was crazy.  Running 3 miles was crazy.  Posting in the pouring rain, in single-digit temps, or on holidays was crazy and way out of my comfort zone.  So, the BRR is way out of my comfort zone… it’s also stupid.  So stupid, that the only reason this stupid workout was created was to train for this stupid race.  But it did make me work on an aspect of my fitness that I was weak with and needed something this stupid to force me out of my comfort zone and into a smelly van for 36 hours.  So, thanks for that.

F3 is special.  I am not perfect, never will be.  But I try to get better every day.   I talk to a lot of Sad Clowns.  They want to get into better shape.  Some are very close to me and they give me the same excuses I used to give.  They need something to get them out of their comfort zone.  I am out of mine and it has helped me in a lot of areas of my life.  I am trying to be that stupid something that does it for them.

Now go be stupid.  Just not too stupid.



2 thoughts on “I’m with Stupid

  • August 27, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Kinda diggin’ the Pitino Backblast!

    Could this become a thing? I think so.

  • August 28, 2019 at 10:03 am

    Great close out to the Horsey season and perfect description – Horsey is stupid but not too stupid.

    HH and I will be EH’ing a younger guy to step up and be the site Q next year as it would be a shame to let this die and we need some fresh energy. I’ll go ahead and nominate Pitino now.

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