Good-Bye Rosalita

The Thang:

Circle-up: SSH 20 IC, IW 20IC, Windmills 20IC, LSS 20 IC; Plank: place left foot on outside of left hand; hold for 10; reverse, hold for 10.

Mosey to Dead-end of Louise:

Partner-up 10 Hand-Slap Merkins, while asking partner for his favorite musician.  Recover and hold squat (air chair), while each pair shares answer with the Pax.

Mosey down Sunnyside to Beaumont Dead-end:

Partner Leg Throws; 10 each, while asking favorite movie character.  Plank and hold while each pair shares with group.

Mosey Down Sunnyside to Pocket Park at Dead-End of Sunnyside:

Partner Durkins; 10 each, while asking favorite sports team.  Balance on one leg while each pair shares with group.

Grab a rock.  Curls for the Girls 20IC; OverheadPress 15IC; SkullCrushters 10IC.  Put rock back.

Mosey to Credit Union parking lot; grab some wall.   People’s Chair with Air Curls.  Recover.  People’s Chair with Overhead Press.

Mosey to raised beds in front of Norman Sound Productions.   Dips 15 IC, 10 Step-ups.  Dips 12 IC, 10 Step-ups.

Mosey to corner of Central and Louise; MonkeyHumpers while wait for the signal (see Pullman below).

Mosey back to Salvation Army Basketball Court.   LBCs 20 IC, Dollies 15 IC, Freddie Mercurys 15 IC, Rosalitas (*See NMM) 12 IC.




1) Billingsville Tutoring: Tuesday afternoons at [guess]; reach out to Manziel.

2)  W.CLT: Family Fun Run at Stratford YMCA: 10:00 a.m. Sat. Sept 28th.  Free; Bring M and 2.0s.  Followed by Health Fair and F3 Demo / Teen Bootcamp. Great EHing opportunity for F3 in West Charlotte.   To register:  Questions: Reach out to Achtung Baby, @CurtFochtmann.

Take-out: Deertick.



On a serious note, 007 and his M have served Latino families in East Charlotte for decades.  007 expressed concern that as we seek to spread F3 to All Men that an exercise name like the Rosalita might be offensive to the Latino Community.   Not having served in the military, YHC is not 100% sure of the origin of the Dolly or the Rosalita, but YHC can guess and thinks 007 may have a point.  YHC plans to refer to it going forward as the “Exercise Formerly Known as the Rosalita” or “the Symbol.”  In all seriousness, worth thinking about.

PearlJam was the favorite band of 2 Pax, when they were teenagers.   Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Offspring, Bon Jovi got a vote. #livinonaprayer  #skatingrink.  Blanking on Deertick’s and Spock’s.

Norman Sound Productions has served a number of famous acts; none that made our teenage favorites though.

Skoal’s favorite movie character is Ginger from Gilligan’s Island;  I’ll wager there was a poster of said Ginger, hanging in Teen Skoal’s bedroom.

Good to see Midwood/EastSide showing up at MnM.

Sunnyside is a great, quite street, with 3 dead-ends and a pocket park with rocks.   But Crossing Central is a B.  I smell Pullman.

Pullman – Longstanding* and vexing problem:  Crossing Central Ave is a B.   *We were standing at the corner for a long time.

Perfectly reasonable solution that was and will be implemented whenever YHC Qs MnM: Monkey Humpers on Corner while waiting for the Walk Signal.  Reminds YHC of those t-shirts depicting Hominin Evolution; one geologic epoch you’re monkeyhumping, next one you’re standing upright and crossing the street. #problemsolved  Leach, Jocko, CakeBoss, CheckpointApproved.


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  • September 16, 2019 at 8:17 am

    Rosalita is named after Bruce Springsteen song. I’d say it’s ok but modify as necessary.

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