Search and Rescue Party

Background Information

The search for Jammies continued this week.  Chief mate Starbuck dropped him last week.  Despite Black Bear’s diligent efforts to lead a search party consisting of runners and vehicles, we never found him.  He apparently was new to town and didn’t know the area.  Combine that with the fact that asking random passerbyers in downtown Charlotte, “how do I get back to the Y” could send you in 6 different directions, and you are left with less-than ideal circumstances for a drop.

Notes from the WOD:

Our heroes covered the majority of uptown in a search effort that came up just shy of 5 miles.

With the exception of Cindy, PWW Pax will mightily resist any exercises that don’t involve running up and down shit.  While elevated dry docks were met with the usual moaning and soreness from F3 Cotswold, they caused a flat-out mutiny from the uptown crew.

It sucks to lead a workout where you are literally the slowest of the PAX.  These dudes are fast!

The search resumes next Monday, 5:30ish.


Lee: Thoughts and Prayers for Jammies, wherever he may be.

Other Notes:

I should start writing names down as soon as I leave the workout.

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