Virgin Q Beatdown

*posted on behalf of Spock. Delay all the fault of YHC*

Many gathered to witness Spock’s VQ, and none were disappointed. It was an epic beat down that left one and all begging for mercy.

Warm up – 20 side straddle hops, 20 imperial walkers, 20 copperhead squats, 20 sharon towers, 5 burpees, 20 peter parkers, 20 parker peters, plank.

Mosey to faculty parking lot for 4 rounds of 20 merkens, 20 jump squats, 20 Russian twists and 15 lunges (each leg) with running in between.

Mosey down the driveway towards Colony and partner up – combined 100 merkens, 200 LBCs, 200 squats (additional squats added because Nutt was back talking the Q). One partner runs up hill and back while other partner does exercises – switch up when hill climber returns.

Mosey to basketball court for Bulgarian Split Squats and Dips.

Mosey back towards bus parking lot – do 10 inboards and outboards x 2 at railing on way back.

Return to home base for ab work – 20 LBCs, 20 Freddie Mercuries, 20 Heels to Heaven, 20 Flutters, 20 Box cutters both directions.

Announcements: Man in the Mirror Saturday at 9. Salvation Army—park in the store lot, meet up behind the store at the basketball court.

A great way to start a Tuesday morning – A workout at ALS. Credit (or blame) Grapevine for the headlock.

Welcome FNG – Solo

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