8@8 Pre-Blast: Block or Charge Edition

Editor’s note: Last time I did this, it was pitch black and there was heavy construction activity in the park, and I ran right through that bright orange don’t-go-past-here construction safety barrier/fence and busted ass, hard (for the record, I think it was block, but no one caught it on video for Rex Chapman’s twitter collection). But that was 15 months ago, so maybe all of that has been sorted out. Maybe not. Normally I like to test-drive routes before sharing them with you clowns because you don’t like surprises and can’t seem follow directions. But, time was tight this week.

TBD on if I make it there or not for this. But, either way, it’s a fairly simple route. It’s an out-and-back that takes you around the lake at Park Road Park. You will need all 8 to do it, so there is no 6-mile route this week.

Here’s what you’ll do:

From the lot, head down Selwyn.

Selwyn dead-ends into Park Road — Take a left on Park Rd.

Stay on Park until it crosses over Tyvola and take your next right into Park Road Park (after the AutoBell)

Follow the road around the Park Road Park Lake.

Doing a full circle, you will end up back on Park Rd. Take a left and head back the same way you came – back down Park, Right on Selwyn, to the lot.

Here’s your Strava link: https://www.strava.com/routes/14174072 



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