Drip, Drip

A drippy dozen got after it at RAnGEr yesterday.  This is what we did:

The Thang:

Mosey down Park Ave. to Torrence…run length of Torrence to the Greenway, stopping at each intersection for 10 chest-to-ground merkins

Mary whilst we wait

Mosey to base of Kenilworth/Scott wedge: partner up

DoubleZipper™ or FullZipper™ (up and down):  partners run up, meeting in the middle of the 4 cross-streets for x10 handslap merkins, criss-crossing along the way…and then immediately back down, x10 handslap merkins again as you criss-cross down, back to the base of the wedge again

Mary whilst we wait

Over to base of Harding.  Plank it up and then AYG to the top 5 burpees…repeato (I think)

Over to the Greenway fountain:  25 dips

Back up Torrence to the end, stopping at each intersection for 10 sumo squats

Down to the bottom of Park Ave. at Charlottetown, AYG to the stop sign at the EES…back to bottom…repeato (definitely)

Back to base/COT/fini

Naked Moleskin:

The Weather Was Drip.  It was cool and rainy, and it was glorious (i.e., drip).  Could’ve gone into a deck or two to keep the Pax as dry as possible, but why the hell would we do that?  This isn’t F45 or Leg Day at the Y.  Also it wasn’t 35 degrees which helped tremendously.

Do Not Die (Please) Lot of cars out there today, crossing Providence, Randolph, Kings twice and up and along Park Ave.  Seemed like more than usual.  Thankfully we ended the day with the same number we started with (uh, has anybody seen Jammies since we “lost” him at PWW a few weeks ago?) … but even Ceesus appeared to be triggered at the end of the workout as he was demanding a “safe place” to “work out” (read: to conduct his open mic sessions) and immediate access to those reflector and blinky things that Slaughter and Mr. Bo use most consistently.

The Zipper It’s a thing that’s now known far and wide across a swath of F3 sites…like, 2 square miles of Metro!  Anyhoo, you’re welcome!  Like all good things, the best thing you can do is to supersize it, so the Double/Full Zipper is likely to become a new standard in 2020.  #harbinger  Maybe Baryshnikovs will finally take off in 2020!  (Guessing not…#sadclown)

Shameless Plugs.  Nov. 9th Westside Whuppin’ CSAUP: check website for deets.  Slaughter offered no new jokes (within my hearing range at least).  Hillary had a shirt on.  There was a P School PSA from Headmaster Ceesus.  And there were other things that happened that I can’t recall.  (Probably need to post the backblast the same day, huh?  Or maybe to post one at all?  #SorrySharkTank&Combine)

Thanks, Ice-9, for the take out…and CMD for the opportunity to spread some sucktastickness.


“If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough.”  —Mario Andretti

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