11/5/19 SIBling Rivalry, with honorary participants

Spooky and KY were honorary participants in the sense that they were on the same track. They are marathon strong.  More than ready.


Warm Up:

There was the OYO warm up from 5:15 to 5:30 like every week, and we added two additional warm up laps at the beginning for the last minute arrivers.


The workout:

We did two “drill” laps, an 800 at your mile pace, two more “drill” laps, and another 800 at your mile pace. Then we did a 400m recovery followed by the timed mile.

“Drill lap” – Do a drill like high knees or butt kicks along the straights and a jog recovery in the turns.


Drills 1 and 2 were butt kicks and high knees.

Flexibility and quick foot turnover are the focus points for good butt kicks. For high knees, think about a loose upper body, quick foot turnover, and being light on your feet.


Drills 3 and 4 were high knee hop and high knee hop with a leg extension.

A high knee hop – drive the left knee up and do a little hop on the right foot, drive the right knee up and do a little hop on the left foot. Almost like a little skip. (It’s skipping)  Now think of the same thing but extending the leg out during the skip. That was the second movement.



  • Two drill laps, 200 recovery
  • 800 at your mile pace, 200 recovery
  • Two drill laps, 200 recovery
  • 800 at your mile pace, 400 recovery
  • Timed mile




The BIG on this week, the West Side Whoopin’ is coming up this Saturday.

SATURDAY, 11/9/19, 6:30AM, Stratford-Richardson Y.

Just get there and someone will explain the rest along the way.

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