11/6/19 Prometheus featuring merkins and star jumps

A LOT of starters showed up this morning. The pressure was on to bring something good. I hope I did.

The workout:

The EC group joined us right at 6:30. We launched right on time. We ran to the back of the school for 20 ssh, 20 merkins, 10 ssh, and 10 merkins.  PAX like to start a workout with a fresh pump.

We ran around the corner to the wall and picked a partner. Size and speed were not a factor.

Partner 1 ran up the stairs and around the parking circle while partner 2 alternated 10 donkey kicks and 10 people’s chair air presses. 3 rounds.

We left the school grounds and headed right.

Under the streetlight at the bottom of Linda, we did 10 star jumps and then ran up the road stopping at every utility pole on the right for a decreasing number of star jumps. Those who got to the end first did straight, perfect elbow planks. No arm high, no leg anywhere, just plank and hold it.

As an aside, star jumps are probably the premier Charlotte Metro lower body exercise for building strength and explosiveness. It is a fully certified and highly respected exercise. Everyone knows that.

We ran through the pitch black woods of terror and circled up on the cushy astroturf field for 20 /real/ LBCs. It takes some concentration on form and breathing to really work the abs, so not many did. But some did!

We made the short trip to the playground for 11s; pull ups here and jump ups on the wall across the parking lot.

When most of the group acted like they finished the 11s, we grouped up for 10 merkins and then headed back to Linda.

We went back the same way we got here. Start with 10 star jumps at this utility pole, and do a decreasing number at each pole on the left. But this time we added 5 merkins to each stop. So 10 star jumps, 5 merkins, 9 star jumps, 5 merkins, and so on.

Again, the first finishers waited in the elbow plank position.

The trip back to the parking lot took us right to 6:15



The big announcement is Saturdays CSAUP event starting at 6:30am Saturday 11/9/19 at the Stratford-Richardson Y. Gonna be a great time. DON’T miss it. West Side Whuppin’.

The coat drive brought in 200 coats. Way to go everyone who participated.

Billingsville could still use around 7 winter coats – Kids XL.

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  • November 6, 2019 at 9:32 am

    I have several kids winter coats. Who do I need to touch base with?

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