Ich habe eine Erkältung

I had a cold yesterday morning (and it’s still here) but I sucked it up and Q’d anyway. My plan was do as much of the stuff I could think of that got high votes for suckage. Hope you enjoyed it.


SSHs, MM Merkins, Knee-ups

Calf Raises, Diamonds, Crunchy Frogs

IWs, Stagger arm, Flutter

Sharon Tower, Stagger arm, Dollies

Squats, Air Presses, Heels


Burpee Ladder

Start at goal, bear crawl 10 yards, 1 Burpee

Bear crawl 20 yards, 2 Burpees

Etc. up to 5 Burpees


Angry Donkeys (11s with donkey kix and air presses)



Run stadium

30 Burpees, 60 Merkins, 90 Squats

Run stadium


Wall for

BBTW hip slaps, People’s Chair air press, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

BBTW Australian Mountain climbers, People’s Chair air punches, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

BBTW toe taps, People’s Chair LaLanne’s, 15 Donkey Kix OYO


Back to the start for a little Mary stretching.


We had an FNG, brought to us by John Deere. Southie works with John Deere and worked at Duke Energy for awhile with some of the people I used to work with, many years ago.



West Side CSAUP: 6:30 at Stratford Y, 7:00 at Revolution

HDHH at Smokey Joe’s

Rev’s collecting Turkeys: contributions to sunshinebazooka01@gmail.com



Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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