Humid & Hot Humpin’ Hombres

A dozen of F3’s finest hombres gathered in the steamy warm gloom to hump their kettlebells and sweat together.  Here is what went down:

START  Stretch + 15x SSH

5 burpees OYO + 4-countdiag40 Shades Merkin

KB BIT (15x/10x): KB Swing, Goblet Squat, Tricep ext, Upright Rows, Greg Louganis, Lawn Mowers, Hammer curls, Dble Protractor, Russian twist

RUN halfway around lake: 15x dips

CARDS were dealt to all the pax, each with an exercise.  Took turns calling and leading the called exercises.

RUN home + END

This was a good spirited bunch, and all fell into the rigors of our hot-temp workout happily.  Our spirits were leavened by having Indy with us, and by having Rev back to provide a little s**t talk and his usual positive presence.  It is all so good to be together.

Rev took us out with grace and wisdom.

It is always my pleasure to Q this bunch.  Do know that I get more out of it than you do.


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