Life’s a beach, I’m just playing in the sand

Light crews in Metro the last couple of days. Maybe everyone is still recovering from the Mutha AMRAP on Monday. Or on vacation. Or slacking. We’ll never know. Anyways, here is what 8 fine souls experienced at this edition of the #Tank:

Extra Credit:

  • Mosey over to Target deck.
  • Did various merkins, dips, inverted rows, stairs, and running.
  • Back to pick up the rest of the Pax.

Main Event:

  • Quick warm up with some SSH.
  • Mosey along the greenway to Freedom Park with stops for merkins and abs along the way.
  • Crossed over the bridge by the tennis courts and got back onto East Blvd.
  • Took that to Queens Rd W –> Granville Rd –> Queens Rd –> Edgehill Park (if you follow all that you know your way around Charlotte’s 20 different variations of Queens/Providence Rds).
  • Stop in Edgehill Park for some pullups and merkins (2 sets).
  • Up Edgehill Rd, left on Hermitage, right back onto Queens Rd, left on Baxter.
  • Another stop at Cherry Park for dips, derkins, step-ups, and squats.
  • Back to home base. Finish with LBCs, dolly, and flutters.

Naked Moleskin:

Pretty simple workout this morning.  Run, with stops every couple minutes for merkins and abs. YHC is going to the beach next week so those exercises only seemed logical. You never know what you’ll see along the greenway (if you can see at all in the pitch black) early in the morning. Starbuck saw a rat, an owl, and an owl with a rat/mouse in its grasp. Where is MMOB when you need him? By the way, congrats to Starbuck and Mrs. Starbuck who are expecting a 2.0 in January 2019! Swamp Fox mentioned he was out if we were running toward Freedom Park to converge with the Bandit crew. Uhhh, it’s Thursday bro. Sounds like your summer is going very well if you can’t keep track of days. Swamp also gave YHC some good practice “leading from behind” (aka being told what to do) this morning. Thanks. Steroid looked a little tired at 5:14 this morning, but shook it off quickly. Said he had been out too many nights for work this week. Looked like the same old fast Steroid once we got going. LBJ was the sole representative for #teamrifty this morning. He represented well and continues to teach us young bucks about #consistency. Tormund was right behind the leaders all morning and keeps moving up in the pack. Wake-up Call had a nice showing. He said he recently kayaked and camped the San Juan Islands off the coast of western Washington. If you haven’t been out there you should go. Pate (really, his shorts) got a lot of attention this morning. First, he received a number of cat calls from a large contingency of what appeared to be F3 Gears riding by us on Queens Rd W. (Not sure how anybody wearing a cycling outfit can make fun of another man’s outfit.) After that, Swamp took it upon himself to keep it going. Pate held his head high though and we all finished right on time back at the lot. Pate also gets points for his great gift idea which you had to be there to know.


  • Participate in an MIP, Fortitude, or Revolution workout if you have time. It’s a great experience.

YHC took us out.

Thanks for the keys, Curly. Hope you are enjoying the beach. Put a couple beers on ice for me.


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  • July 12, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    Sounds like the Tank was in good hands this morning. Thanks for running the show Thrust!

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