21 PAX decided to swallow Thursday’s daily red pill and post at #Bastion. 3 PAX opted to take a shot of red bull before the red pill and posted for 15 minutes of EC. Here is what went down:

EC –

Fishwrap ran ~20 miles from home and joined YHC and Hollins for a few easy laps around the adjoining neighborhoods. Hollins and I tried to initiate fellowship banter but quickly realized that Fish’s head was somewhere else. I get it, as I have those days as well. You know, those mornings where you post because the body needs a workout, but you have something else on the mind or you are damn grumpy and just want everyone to shut the hell up so you can finish this last merkin in peace. Anyway, we did get a few minutes of focused attention from Fish, in which we tried to name F3 Metro PAX who are signed up for 4-man and 6-man BRR teams, and then noting how none of them can “fake” his way through this year’s BRR (If you are not already putting in serious miles for these 4/6-man teams, maybe time to start looking around for a strong sub). Overall, we covered about 1.5 miles during the EC, with a few random merkins and squats thrown in for good measure. Always good to have that little warm up when you have the Q.

Main Course –

Arrived back at the AO to find a gaggle of PAX eagerly waiting for the main course. Panda, who expected lots of running, enjoyed my little head fake to make it seem as if we would be leaving the AO. Instead, circled back to the Jeep (#jeeplife©) to retrieve 7, off-white sandbags (1 bag for 3 PAX). Damn, those suckers are heavy! Will spare everyone the details of each and every exercise of this workout, as it seems that no one reads all of that drivel any longer. Will merely say that we did a hard-ass core workout today, and all who posted pushed hard through 40 minutes of 3-man grinders. Finished it off with 5 minutes of Mary. Hopefully, everyone feels it in neck and shoulders about now.

We welcomed a new brother to the ranks of F3 — FNG Crawfish decided to make Bastion his virgin workout (#alwaysrememberyour1st). Am I the last to realize that we have two Grizzly’s in the AO? Do they post at the same workouts often? Do the unwritten rules allow us to rename? Also, somehow missed one PAX name at COT, even with my handy-dandy recording device in hand. PAX was sitting right beside Wahoo at COT, but all I got in the mic was my own heavy breathing and garbled grunts.

No shout outs for Larrybirds today, because there was no “up front”. Total core workout day, with only 1.3 miles on the Garmin (mostly stair climbing with sandbags on shoulders). Will say that Tardy, Madras and Grizzly (can’t recall if it was Grizzly #1 or #2) were looking particularly stout with the sandbags resting on their back during the plank-o-rama.

Appreciate Hollins for the take out today and for the keys to the workout. As Hollins noted, we should always be thankful for the blessing of waking up and greeting that next day. Too often, we take our days for granted.

Until next time, Disney

2 thoughts on “Sandbagging

  • July 13, 2018 at 8:59 am

    if you were thinking it was Boba Fett, it wasn’t. BF never posts anymore. the 5+year reign of PandaFett is over, it appears.


    • July 13, 2018 at 3:13 pm

      That is sad. Also sad, it wasn’t the other BF either. Ben Franklin (aka the angry sock puppet) and his sidekick, Duperger (aka Moniteur), also never post at F3 boot camps anymore.

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