deserves got nothin’ to do with it

The Thang:

½ mile baby jog up McDonald.

Merkins and stuff

Hard down

Core and stuff

¼ mile baby jog up McDonald

Merkins and more

Hard down

More core

¼ mile baby jog up McDonald

More merkins

Hard down

Core w/ sumo jump squats –

Run out McDonald to Park

Race down to school entrance x3

Do exercises between each set


Up the entrance hill x5



Sorry I’m getting to this late and quite frankly, I have nothing in me. I’ve had a rotten day and really just want to crush the evening with my family. I told my kids earlier in the week we’d do a slumber party, eat pizza (not Papa John’s) stay up late and watch movies. Me and the boy called upstairs, the girls get the down #BoysRuleGirlsDrool If they play their cards right, we’ll spend some time with them during intermission. I’ve turned him on to Westerns and tonight it’s Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven.

I’ll get you next time. Have a great weekend.



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