Free Slurpees For Everyone!

Posted on behalf of Groupon:
To celebrate 7-Eleven’s free Slurpee day we handed out free Burpees and some 7-Eleven fun facts.
The Workout:
Run down Camilla to Carmel Middle for some SSH, Peter Parkers, and Imperial Walkers
Fly by the few Sad Clowns at Camp Gladiator on our way to the track…quick lap that included 15 Merkins, 15 Jump Squats, 15 Wide Arms, and 10 Burpees
Partner Up…Partner 1 runs a fast lap while Partner 2 does 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, and 10 Burpees…Flapjack….for 4 laps each
Mozy up Cougar Hill to school and grab some wall for People’s Chair while YHC drops 7-Eleven fun facts on the Pax
Head over to the picnic tables for Dips, Step-ups and Derkins
Run back up Camilla stopping at the speed bumps for Merkins, Diamonds, and Wide Arms
Back at Carmel Park for some Mary…Rosalita, Protractor, Russian Twist, Freddie Mercury, and Dolly
5 more Burpies to honor Free Slurpie Day
Cuda Run Thursdays at 7:30 at Ben & Jerry’s on Fairview
  • Right off the bat Rock’s genuine comment of “How’s your mother’s air conditioning” gets taken the wrong way and the comments quickly follow which set the tone for the rest of the workout.
  • It was discovered the Slumdog might or might not have ethical business practices that led to a name change.
  • Welcome to FNG Shake Weight who actually renamed himself…pax approved.
  • Film Fest is headed to England so if they win the World Cup keep your eye out for him on the nightly news at a pub with face painted, shirt off, and soaked in beer.
  • 7-Eleven fun fact of the day: on free Slurpee day over 500,000 gallons of Slurpees will be handed out in North America.
  • Aquafresh, thanks for the opportunity to lead.


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