Midwood and 6@6 PreBlast

I cannot say enough about tomorrow’s Q at Midwood.  A Man I have known since college and looked up to since I first met him, Toolbelt has been a friend, confidant, role model, and mentor to me for years.  But it wasn’t until the past year that we started aligning our schedules so we could post at the same workouts, and my respect and admiration for him has grown exponentially in that time.

As a Pax he always gives 100% and pushes me all the way.  As a Q he shows the kind of leadership and motivation that turns a workout into a true experience.

Come out to Midwood tomorrow to see what I mean.  7:00 – 7:45, meet in the parking lot of Midwood Park.

If you are up for a run beforehand, come hit the pavement with the 6@6 crew – a damn fine group of Men with Mr. Bo, Missing De, Bluejay, Primanti, and Dirt Devil comprising the core.  6@6 starts at 6am and also meets in the Midwood Park parking lot.



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