7.5 (Hillary only counts for 1/2) strong came out for Combine this morning and I can only assume the low numbers were due to the rumors that KY (hereafter known as #Slacker) was to q.  Unfortunately for all of you that stayed in the fartsack this morning YHC was your Q and the ones that showed up wished they hadn’t.  Here is what happened.

COP – Circle up on the basketball court for:

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • LBC x 20
  • Flutter x 20
  • 2 hand swings x 20
  • High pulls x 20
  • Curls x 20
  • Lawnmower x20
  • Dips x 20

Head to intersection of Myrtle and Park for:

5 Burpees / 5 2 hand swings / 5 lawnmower each side / 5 high pulls / 5 curls – Then drop bells and book it down to Kenilworth and back 1.5 miles round trip.  Repeat exercises and Mary while waiting for the 6.

Partner up and farmer carry to intersection of Lexington and Romany.  1 carries bells 2 does 5 hand release merkins and chases switch when caught.

Int of L&M:

10 burpees / 10 2 hand swings / 10 lawnmower each side / 10 high pulls / 10 curls – drop bells and book it down to Kenilworth and back .8 mile round trip.  Repeat exercises while waiting for the 6.

Rack your bell and mosey back to bball courts.



Skin – It was a good crew out there this morning.  Not sure anyone was looking for a 1.5 mile round trip run to Kenilworth but that is what they got.  Lack of pacing definitely got to some folks as they did not realize where Kenilworth was.  No one is sure where Hillary disappears to at about 5:35 every Friday that he shows up but it must be somewhere good to drag him away from Combine before he even breaks a sweat. Oswald and Grube you guys were troopers.  FOTL & Foreclosure are #OldManStrong.  Alibi has some wheels when he knows where he is going and Narc you are just a punk.  Can’t believe you are 18.

#Slacker – Thanks for being you and giving me the opportunity to jump in this morning.  Just FYI fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life and when your brain is mostly beer hops and bong resin that is a problem.

Narc there should be some kind of background check for these guys.


Be Good


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