Back Track

It was hot today, I think even a brisk walk could have gotten everybody to sweat.  But this is Fortress and Coach wanted to run a bit so we had to do what we had to do…

Here’s what we did:

Mosey to Providence Prep lot:  SSH, IW, Copperhead Squat, MC, L/R Hip/Hammy stretch, flutters

Mosey to the St. Gabe’s Back Track for a Dirty McDeuce – 12 rounds of 12 reps, 4 laps – read the lexicon if you are truly interested.  I think we did most of the following: Squat, Lunge, Jump Squat, Prisoner Getup, Merican, Trailer Park Merican, Hip Slap, Carolina Dry Dock, Knee up, Rosalita, Dolly, Heels to Heaven.  Laps in between each round.

Team up into 3 for some track grinders.  Plank, Dry Dock, Hip Slap, Lunge, Squat, and I forget what else.

Mosey to the St. Gabe’s Bastion COT spot and grab a rock for some Rock Mary:  Dolly Press, Louganis, Jacknife, Tantrum Twist – I think that was it.

Mosey to COT and plank it up for a few min. in the 4 corners.

That is all


F3 Dads Train Lot Freedom Park Sat.

Snoop’s 50th next Mon (Big Hair), Tue (Black Widow)

Balsa Gliders and Connells tonight

Revolution, MIP, YMCA Teens on Sat.

Haywoodstock next Fri. night – Swing State seeking BBQ assistance

Need Fortress Q’s

Chowdah with the takeout – thanks guys for the keys !!

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