They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

Rut- (noun) a position lower than the rest of the surroundings. Stuck in a —.  Going thru the motions. It happens in F3.  Oh it’s Tuesday, that’s when i post at XXXXXX.  That’s good.  Could it be better?  This isn’t a BB about spreading your F3 wings, but we all have this in common, so you should think about it.

YHC’s rut life: work, parent, repeat.  Take a minute, or better yet 10 minutes, to think about the things you want to do, you should do, and you have to do- in that order.  Example: really WANT to take my kids someplace different next summer.  Ok.  I SHOULD clean the garage.  Ok.  I HAVE to go to work.  Ok.  Prioritize in that order, knowing you might not get to the WANT TO but its first on your list.  Guarantee that increases your chances of getting on that Alaskan cruise next summer.

Where were we?  Ah yes Casbah.  It’s a steady Friday girlfriend.  YHC uses summer to get to new AO’s and apply more pressure on headlocks.  It’s a WANT TO.  Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.  But not sure there’s been a non-Fri Casbah post.  Ever?  Sorry Combine… Not proud of that but says something about tgiCasbah pax and leadership.  Ya know what? YHC hadn’t been to Casbah in a month and have minimal Q’s on the horizon.  [youve got mail] Bene in need of Casbah Q.  Me me me.

Repetitive plea to post at other AOs- how else would u see Kicked Chicken, Voodoo, Paula, Pipeline, Nibbler, GOP, and Moonshine?  One of the beauties of F3- just show up and you’ll go from out of comfort zone to fun zone in no time.  Don’t get rutted.

Comfort zone for Casbah is 4 miles and a cloud of dust.  Would u believe we kept it under 1.0 mi today?  You CAN’T fall down on a twitter guarantee or they find you and clip the twitter wings.

The Thang:

Mosey around the racetrack.  SSH x15 IC, IW x10 IC, Birdfeeders x5 each leg…  OYO 50 pull-ups, 100 LBCs, 100 squats (YHC recommends 5, 10, 10 of each x 10)… bear crawl to the field.  Bear slalom across the field, stopping for plank to allow bears to slalom thru the pax.  Broad jump back to start.

Mosey around the school to assess our tax dollars at work.  Stop at the dip station for Dips, Derkins, Step-ups, Dips, CarDryDocks, Jump-ups, Dips, WideArms, Step-Ups, Dips, ChuckNorris’s, Jump-ups. Congregate in the yoga studio for UpDog, DownDog, SidePlank, UpDog, DownDog, OtherSidePlank, Sinches for 20count.

Mosey to the garbage area for Kuechley’s: 40seconds on, 20 seconds off.  Half pax wall sit, half pax exercises: skaters, jump lunges, skaters, jump lunges.  4 quarters, 8 periods, whatever.  your legs hurt after 8 minutes.  Finishing move- individuals pump out 5 x skaters and jump lunges while wall sitters critique form.  Fin.

Naked Moleskiner:

The goal was under a mile and no merkins.  The guarantee was low miles (accomplished) but merkins were needed after pavers were replaced by new(ish) school trailers…  First ever sub-1mile Casbah?  They said it couldn’t be done… YHC’s F3 music mix is heavy running tunes but we survived and only was made fun of on every other song… Nash turned out good despite getting his laundry being done for him at Davidson… Chappy is auctioning off his red F3 shirt to the highest bidder.  There is a reserve level and YHC doesn’t think it’ll trade.

Announcements: F3 Whetstone can use more mentor-ee’s than mentors.  If you’re not perfect, be a mentor-ee and hit up KY on twitter @f3whetstone… you should do this triple down on Saturday: 0700 Revolution, 0900 Mission I’m Possible,  1100 Stratford Y – hang with teens, exercise 30min, eat afterwards.

Prayers: the Hager family suddenly lost their son to natural causes in January.  He would’ve turned 17 on Saturday. Will be a tough day for them

Great, patented takeout by OneEye.  Same but different every time.

Bene- thx for the look.  And pax, thx for the courage.

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  • July 12, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    Welcome relief after Tuesdays edition of Ring Run. Ima volunteer you for Copperhead while you’re out experiencing new AO’s.

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