El Bandito 15 / 20 / 25

So YHC rolled into the gravel lot at 5:20 and no one was there.  Fortunately, folks kept me from working out solo and we had a solid starting 5 of Blue Man Group members to compete against Team Rogaine or the Better Hair Gene Brigade.

Mosey to train parking lot for the following:  25x SSH’s, 15x IW’s, 20x MC’s, 15x Merkins.

Mosey to stairs, bunny hop up & jog down.  Set of 10 dips, 10 step ups each leg.  Repeat twice and then stop at top of 3rd bunny hops for some old fashioned rail walks.  Mosey to top lot for some Mary. AYG to top of Lurker.  15x Squats.

Mosey to hill of hills, bear crawl it with 5 hand release merkins at each flat.  Think there’s 7.

Mosey to far side of lake, Mary, then AYG to top of Megatool.  Mosey to Nature Museum.  Bear Crawl to top & 10 Burpees.  mosey back to train lot.  Wall sit with shoulder raises by the dumpster (hey trash day day was Tuesday so it didn’t smell that bad!).

jog to stop sign and jail break to start. 10x Diamonds IC to finish.


  1.  Had not been to Bandit in like 7 years.  Great to see some folks I rarely see and meet some new folks.  Especially, one of our Greenville brothers.
  2. Curly is a beast and was at or near the front most of the time.  Paula is 24 and is well 24 and crushes it.  My man Cold Cuts came down from South Park to join the party and runs 7:00 miles at conversational pace.
  3. Pretty sure it was Bermuda who blew us up at the Nature Museum.  Need that party in the back.  #toomuchkale
  4. So background on 15/20/25 reps.  My 25 yr high school reunion was in Columbus, OH last Saturday.  Holy Sh!t, I’m I thankful for F3.  Number of my friends need it and I had several folks ask me about it durning the reunion. #ABH. Graduated from college 20 years ago.  One of my best friends is 6’5 & 375 lbs. he needs F3.  Graduated from grad school 15 years ago, got married and started working in my current field.  Got one of my high school buddies who also worked with me to join me for a Murph last Saturday morning.  He hated it but said he would do it again. Every man needs F3 or something similar so keep headlocking.

thanks for the keys, Paula!











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