Did I Hear a Request for Burpees?

7 men showed up to Latta this morning hoping for something easier than a LeeTM Q after the switcheroo. YHC tried his best to make that a false hope.

The Thang:

Down Park Ave towards parking lot at Dilworth Road East / West split. High knees, butt kicks, and lunges on the way. Quick COP of SSH, merkins, squats, and power mountain climbers. Continue down Romany towards mega deck with another set of high knees, butt kicks and lunges. Up the mega deck stairs to floor lucky #7.

Three sets of 4 up and backs on the ramp from floor 7 to 8 for a total of 12 ramp runs;

  1. First set: up the ramp with 8 merkins at the top, back down the ramp with 8 jump squats at the bottom. Repeat 4X taking 2 reps off each exercise each time (8, 6, 4, 2 per exercise). 30 LBCs OYO at the bottom while we wait for the 6 and catch some air.
  2. Second set: this time backwards up the ramp with wide arms at the top and jumping lunges at the bottom. 30 LBCs OYO at the bottom while we wait for the 6 and catch some air.
  3. Third set: bear crawl half way up, sprint to the top, diamonds at the top and power mountain climbers at the bottom.

Back to the top of the ramp for some much needed mary on our sixes.

Down the Mega Deck stairs and over to the corner of Morehead & Kenilworth in front of the church. Modified version of the Route 66 up Morehead using each driveway that crosses the sidewalk as the marker. From the corner to Dilworth Neighborhood Grille there are 10 driveway crossings. Start with 10 burpees at the first, then 9, 8, 7, etc. for a total of 55.

Mosey over to a shaded parking lot across from Art’s BBQ for some quick mary on the 6.

Up Lexington to Myrtle. Stop at the corner of Myrtle & Templeton.

Take it home with AYG stopping at each telephone pole on the right for 5 LBCs.


Vamos is lucky (or unlucky depending on the perspective) that the PAX headed East to start as he decided to rendezvous halfway down Park Ave. Must have been Karma after his record setting low mileage Q last week that his car battery would die and he’d have to run in this week. Some grumblings from the PAX about millennials not knowing how to jump start cars.

The power mountain climbers (Nash specialty) were new to most of the PAX and went over about as well as clear pepsi. Practice makes perfect – they will be back.

I’d been planning the Route 55 on Morehead for a while (lots of time surveying the neighborhood while walking the dog & baby on paternity leave) but wasn’t sure what exercise we were going to do. Someone that will remain nameless requested some burpees early on in the Q, so I figured this would be a good choice. Halfway through, this did not seem like a good choice.

For those that haven’t been to Latta in a while, you have to come out if only to check out the old guy at the basketball court every Saturday shooting hook shots. Seriously, he is out there for an hour or so just draining hook shots from the three point line like George Gervin. He may even be older than Skyline.


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