Simple yet effective

YHC wandered into the back lot of TPC and came upon a group of men who appeared to be waiting for something. I asked ‘what the heck are you guys doing standing around in the rain at 5:30 am?’. It turned out they were waiting for me. There was some random chatter and talk of the hot box while we waited around for a few more men to gather, then my GPS watch decided it was time for a software update, so we waited another 30 seconds and we were off. Rain or shine, the plan had already been set and we were sticking to the plan. We were off to the hot box. It was a casual mosey out of the parking lot as Doubleknot rolled in on two wheels. He knew where we were headed. We rolled into the hot box a few minutes later and circled up for COP SSH x25, IWx15, LSS x15. We gathered near the ‘pull up bars’ for 11’s. 10 Pullups, run across the garage, up the stairs 1 burpee, run over the top and back down to the pull up bar. Repeato, subtracto, addo, until you complete 10 rounds. Wall sit when complete and wait for the pax. Air press x20, recover. Mosey to the other end of the HB, bear crawl to the 3rd pole, mosey back. Crab walk to the 3rd pole, time to exit the Hotbox as FIA invasion ensues. Mosey down Providence to the school lot, run the length of the lot, 10 HR merkins, run back, 25 LBC, Dolly x20, HTH x20. Repeato w/ 15 HR merkins, repeato w/ 10 HR merkins. Mosey over to Westbury, 5 burpees at each speed bump, lunge walk back to clover, ayg to the shovel flag, COT.


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